Pushed The Weight Up and My Shoulder Went POP!

This is how my arm looked on the fateful day of November 4, 2011.

Let me explain the GRUESOME details of how all of this took place. I never knew I would be introduced to the worst physical pain that I have ever felt in my life.  Everything about this day was normal and regular. Wake up! Got dressed and out to my Help Desk job.

Then the inevitable happens, when I took my hour lunch break and headed to our company gym. Now, here is a little back story!! My whole situation could have been avoided.  I was so ecstatic at my results and how strong I was getting and how my body was changing so rapidly.  I got a little COCKY! :P  YES, I admit it!

Now, the scriptures say pride comes before destruction and that scripture was about to become very REAL to me shortly! So, I figured let me up the weight on all of my Sets and try to Max out at 5 reps. Without the fitness lingo, This means I was going to use as much weight as I could that would allow me to do at least 5 reps. Feeling good and confident I sent a TWEET stating “ME- TIME!” with a picture insert of my gym facility. Kinda Ironic huh? I thought so, too. Stay tuned! The Irony continues!

Then, I started my workout! (Can you feel the suspense!) This was shoulders, Biceps, Triceps Day! (which are my favs) I get through my workout feeling good pushing the weight! Finally, I get to the last set!

Now, I wanna pause here and give a brief disclaimer about how good God is and how he always looks out for us! Before I attempted this set, I heard Him say “That is too much! Bring your weight down!” In my pride and foolishness, I quietly recited the Bodybuilder’s Mantra “GO Hard or GO Home!” and proceeded to do the set. (Irony again! I was about to GO HOME!…IN PAIN!)  Finally, my last rep of shoulder presses and I proceeded to push the weight. Every muscle in my body twitched to get it up and my arms began to wobble and then, POP!!!  The weights went left, my body went right and I was on the floor screaming in agonizing pain with a dislocated shoulder.

So, the end is simple. My personal trainer came to my assistance and I was rushed to the ER to get my shoulder popped back in! Now, after I was back home and resting! I want to share some of the REAL emotions that hit me!

I felt like a failure. I told myself I would never work out again. I told myself I was done! I was really in a slump! Then, I got a call from a good friend of mine. He stated, you should blog about this! I said HUH? WHY? He said people need to know how to deal with SETBACKS! (Thanks, Pastor Jamal)

So, I ask you how do you deal with Setbacks!!!

It is so easy to quit and give up! It is much harder to give the effort to continue on!! Here are a few tips  how to deal with setbacks. Although I experienced a physical setback, I believe there are general principles that apply to setbacks overall.  Here are a few of them that I applied to my life that week.

  1. Rest – First, take some time and Rest. Chill out and deal with the emotional, physical, and mental aspects of your setback. Stop deal with the grief of what was lost! God will heal the pain of what you lost.  Don’t ignore it! With the help of friend, mentors, and leaders, accept what was lost.
  2. Re-assess – Reassess your goals. Sit down with a Mentor/good Friend to discuss what went wrong. Where you can improve! What you should avoid next time around. Then, set new goals and a new plan to reach them. If you do not, you will only find that you are going in circles and not getting much accomplished.
  3.  Re-enter – Get back in the FIGHT and Get back into the Game!! Although you were knocked down, it doesn’t mean that you are out.

You were made to be a CHAMPION! Don’t let setbacks convince you that you are not! Now, watch this clip and go WIN! The world is waiting your arriving!


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One thought on “Pushed The Weight Up and My Shoulder Went POP!

  1. Jamal Miller says:

    I don’t know how I hadn’t read this already! Loved it! Relatable & Practical! Plus, it just ministered to me in my situation! Thank you sir!!!!!!! Crazy how your pain is someone else’s gain!

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